Dental Circle

Dental Circle is a social network for dental professionals that started in 2014 and is steadily growing with over 4000 registered members

Working for 21 Applications as their designer I initially created the Dental Circle identity. Using overlapping circles to create a compact, clean and distinctive design. The identity works well when scaled down, using ‘DC’ on smaller versions.

The web design for the social network uses clean design and a familiar layout for a comfortable user experience. This has been recently been expanded to create a new jobs section.

I am a freelance Graphic and Web Designer based in Teesside, North East England with nine years commercial experience. Previously I was a designer for over five years at a creative agency in Middlesbrough before I became freelance in October 2009. I love clever, memorable concepts and clean design.


Contact Me

If you would like to discuss a project, or if you need extra help in your own agency please feel free to contact me: